MP Minis 

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My Story

I have always loved miniatures.

An Idea is Born

When I was young, my friends and I would make our own dollhouses from anything we could find:  Kleenex boxes became beds, paper towels were curtains and bedspreads.  My love of miniatures was born. 

Nikki's Dollhouse

When my daughter was born my brother bought a dollhouse kit for me to make for her.  Once it was built, I began to look for miniatures to fill it.  Raising a child as a single mom did not allow a lot of extra money so I began to make my own miniatures, I bought miniature magazines and books and taught myself to make whatever I wanted. 

Giving Special Gifts

When my friends began to have children, I thought a special miniature nursery made in the same theme as the baby's room would be the perfect gift.

Then Came Etsy

When I discovered Etsy I decided to sell some of the items that I make to others who love dollhouses.  I have sold many items all over the world.

What I Do Now

What I do now is make personalized settings for every occasion.  Using gift registries and a questionnaire I create a unique gift for that special someone.  See how to order.

And also...

I sell miniature items for dollhouses on Etsy.  I make various items including crochet blankets, pillows, baby items and pot holders.  I also make items from polymer clay from cookies and cakes to baby lotions and teddy bears.